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BRAP Blend - Our Extra Rad Espresso Blend

BRAP Blend - Our Extra Rad Espresso Blend

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The soundmade when imitating a two stroke engine. Can be used in its extendedform in successionto mimic multiple gears ie: BRAP BRAAAAP BRAAAAAPPPP.

This sound can commonly be overheard aswe joyfully ride our Mountain Bikes in the woodsand pretend tobe ondirt bikes like when we were kids.

BRAP Blend is ourSignature Espresso Blend.Thisblendwas designed for perfectly balanced shots.Notes of tropical fruit, a chocolatey body, and crema for days means these shots arehere to party. Incredible on their own or an amazing base for a latte.This blend'sversatility allowsfor an amazing drip or pour-over brew as well! BRAP is here to keep itrad and do everything you need. If you drink enough ofit you might start making funny noises too.

Whole bean coffee.

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